My parents who live in Diamond Bar have been telling me for a while that there is a new animal hospital opening up in the Walmart shopping center. They have a 10 year old small pomeranian who wasn’t eating and was vomiting for a couple of days. We happened to notice that they were finally open and took him in. We are so glad we did. Dr. Kumar took the time to explain to us the different causes of not eating and vomiting. We then decided to get some bloodwork and xrays done and it turns out our dog had pancreatitis. He ended staying overnight on IV fluids with a series of injections. We just picked him up and he has a lot more energy. They also said he did well and has started having an appetite again.

We have had a lot of dogs in our family and typically took them to a hospital in Chino Hills after trying out the hospitals in our area. Will be switching to this beautiful hospital that thankfully is local. Martini is recovering and has been given a second chance at life and is on a low fat diet. Thanks again to Dr. Kumar and staff!

Monica G.

I’m so impressed with the service that we received for our Goldendoodles Buddy and Lucky. The doctor and staff are so accommodating and caring. I recommend other pet parents to come to get your babies taken care of with this great team.

Ruby S.

I brought my two cats, Izzy and Roscoe, to Grand Animal Hospital, Diamond Bar, to receive their vaccinations and get their checkups. The hospital is brand new and looks amazing. The receptionist was very nice and engaging. I didn’t have to wait long at all for Dr. Kumar to come into the exam room, and when he did, he greeted me and introduced himself to Izzy and Roscoe. I’m a curious person by nature, and I do ask questions to learn how to best care for my cats. Dr. Kumar was very patient with me and answered all my questions while interacting with my cats and not missing a beat. The experience was very comfortable, friendly, and I could feel the genuine care and respect he and his nursing team had for my cats and me. On a side note, my family and I have always felt one of our cats, Roscoe, is a bit overweight. When we took him to previous veterinarians, they too would gasp at the size of him. After I expressed in a nervous embarrassed way that Roscoe is a big boy, they were so kind and said no, he’s not fat, he’s actually pretty tall. I swear, that changed our whole perspective on Roscoe! We will definitely continue our pet health care here with Dr. Kumar and his team.


Great doctor and staff.
Reasonable prices for tests and medications. Spent much more on same medications elsewhere. Will be going there from now on with my cat . Highly recommend this place.

Leticia S.

Great experience taking my 2 doggies here this past week for allergy treatments, as well as routine care. Staff and doctor were DYNAMIC with my pups and took the time to explain everything in detail and make everyone feel at ease. Definitely recommend coming here.

Jeremiah P.

So glad I found this hospital. I’ve been living in Diamond Bar for the last several years and have been taking my cat to Chino Hills for his visits. Recently, he had been losing weight and vomiting a lot. One day after work, I took him in and they ran tests and discovered that he had kidney issues. They did some treatments and changed his diet and he’s doing much better already. I’ll be switching to this hospital. The staff is really friendly and the Dr. really knew what she was doing.

Marah D.

Very friendly, doctor all take time to answer all questions, very personable. Hours are accommodating for people who work. I highly recommend them!

Vicki B.

Doctor and staff are knowledgeable and friendly! Not to mention conveniently located. Highly recommended!

Vincent N.

Great pet hospital with wonderful staff!!

Irving A.

This place is great! Friendly staff and the veterinarians are very thorough and explain everything! Hi highly recommend this clinic for your fur babies!

Anamika P.

Grand Animal Hospital lives up to its name. It is a new, extremely beautiful pet hospital with the friendliest, most knowledgeable doctors and staff. I highly recommend it for your pet. My dog Schatzi loved them, and Dr. Kummar cured his infected eye.

Beverley H.